Thursday, February 25, 2010

IT has only been TWENTY EIGHT DAYS??????

I have been a blogger since January 29th 2010,  for exactly 28 days.  I have posted 70 (this makes 71) blog posts, and been honored to have as of today, 77 followers!  So that means each day I created approximately 2 and a half  posts, and gained 2.75 followers per day.  WOOH! I am so proud of myself (I didn't know I had it in me!)
NEEDLESS TO SAY....I am going to take the next week off from the internet world, and will not be posting as often during that time.  I WILL for sure get in my Monday Munchies recipe, and Tuesday Tips, but am going to keep the posts to a minimum, because my poor house is falling apart around me!  MUST..SPRING...CLEAN...OR...ELSE!  I gotta kick my butt in gear for this summer, if I am to start the tedious tasks of clearing forest, and digging in to get our foundation started.  (and I can't leave my trailer in a mess while I am gone all day mucking about in the dirt!! So, please forgive me all you faithful followers who read my many many posts, I PROMISE I will be back soon when my house is in order!

Thank you ALL so much for the support and comments, they are truly appreciated.



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