Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prep day! Any requests??

Getting ready for Munchie Moday, and still catching up on my projects.... I think tomorrow will be an appetizer day.....hmm, haven't quite decided yet, I have SO many! If anyone has any requests of recipes they would like to see in "healthy" form let me know, I probably already have it and you probably couldn't taste the difference if you tried :) TRY ME!

Anyways, have a great rest of the weekend guys!

Best wishes XOXOX!

PS: Does anyone remember the time when Otter Pops actually had these guys on each pop?? now its just an ingredient list and I HATE that! I always thought it was so cool to get my favorite colors with my favorite characters ON them ! Sigh..them was the good ol' days!

Oh yeah, and isn't this totally WEIRD!!!!! Apparently It is a mascot of some sort..not sure but definitely CREEPY!


2 Sweet Talkers:

Barbara said...

The pig is definitely creepy but Otter Pops are great. said...

Slightly disturbing yes :)

And I think I am going to have to go out and buy me some otter pops now!