Friday, February 19, 2010

Stuff I bought off of Etsy came yesterday!

I bought a makeup and coin purse bag set from  The Dainty Squid on Etsy  and she did this custom order for me!  I fell in LOVE with the fabric on one of her coin purses, so I had her make me a makeup bag to match!  The fabric has a cartoon called "The Dysfunctional family" by michael miller.   here is what they say:

little girl- "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? are we there yet?"
mother- "that's it! Ive had enough whining!! Brian, pull over!!  She's spending the rest of the trip in the TRUNK!

mother- "Benji! Don't pee in the pool!"

husband- "Thanks babe.  Mother'll never taste the arsenic!"

kid- "OUCH!"
mom- " You're such a wuss!"

mother- " I love those pills Dr. Denton prescribed.  I feel so calm and relaxed!!  La-la-la-la-la-la-la......."
(this is the one I bought it for!)

mother- "Sure I heard you, honey."

Totally funny, love it love it love it! can't wait to fill them up!

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