Friday, February 5, 2010

Take the Uglie Undies Pledge!

So I found this cute little blog where a woman by the name of Shelly Stout (who has graciously become a new follower of mine- thanks Shelly!) has had the awesome idea to urge women to clean out their underwear drawers and say goodbye to all the old , stained, ripped, and otherwise destroyed and dying underwear inhabiting it--
What a novel idea, and it is amazing how something so simple can really make all the difference in your day! Our underwear has the strange tendency to be able to control how we about our self, and I say, go all out and make yourself feel sexy! Go get yourself some nice, frilly, soft, (fur covered if you wish) and AFFORDABLE- underwear and stock that drawer FULL of them! You will be glad you did!
(If you are feeling super GREEN go ahead and MAKE them out of your recycled t shirts! I have seen some pretty awesome underwear made out of them , I say its free and it saves your favorite t shirts you cant let go of, so 2 birds with one stone!)

Take the Pledge and take back your inner WILDCAT!

(click on pic above to take you there!)


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