Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Everyone should have a "special" box!

In my family, each of us has a special box (mine is a vintage beauty school box that my mom used to use when she was in beauty school) and my husband has an old instrument case that he uses.  We put any thing special to us, such as pics, special jewelry, awards, ect. and it is an awesome way for kids to have and keep their own special things, as well as teaching responsibility!

check out some neat ideas for boxes here:

You Gotta Have Faith Jewelry/Trinket Box


Jewelry Box Desk Accessory Restored Vintage

Scrimshaw Harbor Scene Trunk Box 


 It can be big, it can be small, but it is YOURS and it should ALWAYS be special!

Have fun!

<3 Laci <3

5 Sweet Talkers:

Plantress said...

I love that you and your husband have this tradition!

karmascrafts said...

Thanks so much for including my little box in your post!


LindaLayden said...

I love little boxes, even if I don't fill them. Thanks for including my scrimshaw trunk box.

biologie said...


I'm a "little box" or "big box" junkie!

I love trunks, cute boxes, little boxes, big square boxes, little cigar-type boxes, plump circle boxes, abstract boxes, tiny square boxes, oval porcelain boxes, especially fond of wooden boxes of all types and...boxes!

Plural: Boxen?

Cute post, and just in case you were wondering I love those boxen! hehe.

Leanne said...

i love love love boxes! most containers for that finds!

i ESPECIALLY love that fruity almond!