Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Features on their WAY!

Getting my shop features set up, I should have them ready to roll by next Tuesday!   I have got some great shops lined up too! 

ON A SIDE NOTE: We just decided to move out closer to our piece of land, so I will be a bit crazy in the next month as we will be moving at the beginning of June.  Don't have a house built yet, but will be working on it as soon as we get out there... meanwhile my MIL is letting us live at her house where we can have 2 bedrooms! (YES!) instead of the one bedroom we are currently stuck in..(and that is with 3 small kids too).  all in all, a bit of a hardship, having to share a kitchen, as well as walking up and down a HUGE hill in the winter cause the cars wont make it in the snow.....BUT we hope it will help us save more money so we can be in our own home soon!  We will still have internet (I wouldn't go without it!), and will have to set up long distance so I can call my mommy, but it will be good. 

Gotta get working on putting some new items up in my shop so ta ta for now!

(and what the heck is it doing sunny and bright outside and SNOWING?????)

<3<3 Laci <3<3

3 Sweet Talkers:

Raige Creations said...

did you say SNOWING?!?! omg. hey, we will be in the same boat for a month. we are in that situation now, moving in July to our own (rented) place many states away. Good luck with the move, and it's not so bad sharing once you do it for a few meals....:)

sassypackrat said...

The extra bedroom sounds like a huge relief for you! I know you've been in tight quarters and wish you all the best!

Laci Jo said...

raige, yeah it isnt so bad, she wont really be there anyways, lol, so its kinda like a big house all to ourselves :) and sassy, it WILL be a great relief to have our own bedroom, i am so tired of squishing into one room! can't wait! thanks for the support guys i totally appreciate it :)