Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Tip: How to get more hearts/ views on your Etsy shop :)

Well, you may or may not really know this, but I thought I would share with you anyways , just in case! I posted this to someone who had had a shop since 2007 and hadn't had even one sale, her stuff was pretty cute, but no one was seeing it! Check her out and give some love :)(http://www.etsy.com/shop/neki , http://nekinaturals.blogspot.com/)

Here are a few things to do that are either free or mostly free:

1. your stuff is probably lost in the mix if you haven't posted or renewed an add in a long time, so people looking for say crocheted items wont see yours anywhere near the front page. I suggest you either renew an ad once or twice a week, or add a NEW ad once or twice a week...(this is the -almost free I was talking about, but absolutely NECESSARY to do, any successful shops on Etsy will tell you so )

2. Check out Etsy's forums (under community up top) and check and post under "promotions" forum. I post every once in a while to ask people to check out my shop and heart some stuff and I would do the same for them, that really helps get people looking at your stuff, and if you are lucky, an administrator might post something while you are there and ask for items to put of on the front page! (I happened to do this and I got on the front page !:)

3. If you don't have one, a blog is a great way to get more views because you can get your own personal Etsy shop right on your side bar where people can come visit your blog. (I like blogger.com, as they are free)

4. make friends on the blogs. check out other peoples blog and follow them, comment on their posts, and if you make friends with them they (hopefully) will want to tell people about your blog, then people will come and check out your blog and inevitably your shop :) PLUS ITS AN AWESOME WAY TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS :)

5. USE ALL THE TAGS on your items!!! must do this it's so important and I know sometimes it's hard to think of 14 tags but DO IT!!

6. Be very specific on your Description, and if you can, tell a short story, or create a scene in which they could use your item, so they can visualize themselves using it! Very important to tell them WHY they want your item!

7. Oh yes, one other thing is creating a fan page on facebook, and then asking to do a fan swap on the Etsy forums, that is a GREAT way to get fans!

I also just made myself some buttons to get people posting them on their sites so they could get other people coming to my site..(this cost me $15 on Etsy for THREE little ads, not bad and totally turning out to be worth it http://www.etsy.com/shop/Thompsondesigns :) but NOT necessary of course.

well, that is all I can think of right now, but I am more than happy to answer any q's you might have about all this, hope this helps you a little, its never fun to get stuck in a rut :(

Best Wishes


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LovebyCC said...

Great ideas! I forgot about using all your tags, that is a MUST MUST MUST. It is free and gets you more search options :]