Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sneak Peek! (And other random things :)

So I received my custom stamp and I am SOOO excited to use it!!! It turned out so cute! I had to use a crayola marker to try it out because I haven't gotten my special stamp pad yet :( and I am just too impatient to wait)

I already have the circular tags and after I get my stamp pad I can start making tags for all my items!! I am so excited, and it really makes things look so much more professional when they have tags on them :)

This was made for me by http://www.etsy.com/shop/scribblingclub


Also, I have been pushing out lots of new stuff, and here is a sneak peek at what I have been doing today:
I bet you can guess, (although this isn't as close up a picture as you might think!!) but it has really turned out AWESOME and I can't wait to put it up for you to see, and to get it up in my shop as well!! I love getting excited about new ideas, it's great! May be I will show you tomorrow, since I hate keeping secrets :)

Until then,


4 Sweet Talkers:

ShellyStout said...

I'm going to guess it's a new scarf/necklace????

serenity3212@yahoo.com said...

Yup, only its not exactly the same as the other chain necklaces that I have done, and I am really falling in love with this new creation!

Amg-Arts said...

I love your new super cute stamp! :)

serenity3212@yahoo.com said...

Thanks! oops, I forgot to post who made them for me...I will go fix that now!