Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Up Wendsday

I (and my mom) recently joined an awesome program called the Farmgirl Sisterhood. When you join you receive an exclusive farmgirl badge and a monthly newsletter from the farm packed with news and tips, gain access to your own virtual online “Henhouse,” earn Merit Badges (think Girl Scouts for grown-ups), receive special product offers, and more when you become a member. For only 20 bucks a year it is a pretty awesome program!

Here is an overview of all the awesome badges you can earn:

Cleaning Up

  1. Going Green
  2. Shopping Green

Each Other

  1. Community Service
  2. Community Action
  3. Public Service
  4. Lend a Hand to Families
  5. Lend a Hand to Farm Families
  6. Little Squirts
  7. Plant it Forward
  8. Connecting Growers and Eaters
  9. Farmgirl Gratitude
  10. Get ’er Done
  11. Farmgirl Spirit
  12. Families Forever
  13. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Farm Kitchen

  1. Know Your Food
  2. Forage for Food
  3. ChillOver ComeOver
  4. BakeOver MakeOver
  5. Organic on a Budget
  6. Pay It Forward
  7. Bustin’ Out
  8. Self-sufficiency
  9. Get It Together

Garden Gate

  1. Bee Good to Your Mother Earth
  2. Grow Where You’re Planted
  3. Gaining Ground
  4. Backyard Farmer
  5. Heirlooms Forever!
  6. 3 R’s Rule (Reuse, Recycle, Revive!)
  7. What’s Your Beef?
  8. Horse Dreams
  9. The Secret Life of Bees

Make It Easy

  1. In the Garden
  2. Light the Way
  3. Make It!
  4. Build It Green


  1. “Out There” Women
  2. Outstepping
  3. Disconnect to Reconnect

Stitching & Crafting

  1. Sew Wonderful
  2. Aprons
  3. Embroidery
  4. Crochet
  5. Knitting
  6. Tatting
  7. Quilting
  8. Homespun Christmas
  9. Safe Toys
  10. Buttoned Up
  11. Nellie Will-do
  12. Nellie Make-do
It is so neat, and you get to join a community of like minded women. I also think it is pretty cool that they also have special badge programs for girls age 6 and up, so your daughters can participate as well!

check it out:


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